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The idea for an ambitious, large-scale museum dedicated to Charlie Chaplin and his life’s work came about in the year 2000, when Swiss architect Philippe Meylan and Quebecois curator, film buff and Chaplin aficionado Yves Durand first met. The project was brought to life by a dedicated group, made up of business people, artists and key local players, as well as teams of architects, engineers and designers, working together with the Chaplin Foundation.


Chaplin’s World is the product of ten years of work: market and feasibility studies, site renovation, and scenic design, as well as consultation and co-operation with Swiss authorities and stakeholders. This unique project brought together financial and institutional partners such as the Canton of Vaud, local authorities, cultural and tourist organisations, and businesses on the Swiss Riviera.

The Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up in April 2001 with the aim of creating a museum dedicated to the life and work of Chaplin in his own home, the Manoir de Ban in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland.

Since Chaplin’s World opened in April 2016, the Foundation’s mission has been to contribute to the development of the museum and its future programme of cultural activities with the values represented in Chaplin’s work always in mind.

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